Friday, August 16, 2013

The chaos of 4 has kept me from blogging!

That is right.. I said 4. Not because I am having another baby but because one of my older girls came home to live. Having four in the house is insanity. She isnt used to the little ones and they are not used to what is almost like having another Mom in the house.

This summer has been fun.. and instead of listing everything I am just going to do a photo dump. Hopefully I will remember to post more often. Oh yeah, I am still fat. But I did manage to dump my soda habit (go me!) and cut down eating out almost completely. (almost)
We did the toys frozen in an ice block thing (win!)
They played Mindcraft until Mom banned it.
We went to the opening of a Whataburger.
We painted.
 We celebrated the 4th of July
We went to the park. A lot.
We went portal hacking with Dad.

And now it is time for school to start, for me to start blogging all the things we have done around here and to get back to early mornings and early bedtimes.

Toddler/Baby Circus Strongman Costume

I got an email asking me to reblog about this costume and seeing as people keep repining on pintrest its a good idea to have it link to the right blog.
Halloween 2011

Here is what I used to make it.
1. Flesh tone long sleeved unitard
2.Striped socks (baby legs would work too)
3. 2 squares of black felt
4. 1 rod and 2 foam balls
5. Black embroidery thread
6. Black eyeliner pencil
7. Women's small black tank top
8. 4 wash cloths (muscles!)

I measured his wrists for the bands and just cut them out of the felt and sewed onto the leotard. Simple. The tank top I slit up the middle and just stitched it. Nothing fancy. And the barbell was just put together and spray painted. The chest hair was my favorite part, I put the thread on a needle and knotted it at the end each hair was done one by one and it looked so much better that way. The muscles were hard and a wash cloth worked best rolled and shoved in the sleeve.

Halloween 2011 chest hair close up

Halloween 2012 (notice no striped leggings this time)
Everyone loved his costume he ended up with way too much candy! LOL

When he was younger we covered his wagon to look like a stage. We special ordered the lettering but I would think you can get that anywhere. It is covered in felt. People stopped us all the time asking to take pictures ;) Although, the costume would still fit this year he has his heart set on being WONDERBOY the superhero. Stay turned for that costume!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So I slack at blogging.

I have a perfectly good excuse for not blogging lately: I just didn't want to. We had vacation time together as a family, Easter blah blah blah and because I live on the most amazing block in town lots of things like this happen:

Now shit gets serious. I have to get my house in order, and being that we are 
  1. Slobs
  2. Slobs
  3. Slobs
  4. Did nothing on vacation
  5. Slobs

Our house is bordering on Hoarderville. We did accomplish cleaning the garage which in our world is pretty amazing. We discovered that we moved shit from Iowa that was trash. That was awesome.

My goal this week is to do my room and my bathroom. If I get more than that done, I am calling it a win/win.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am woman.. hear me google search what I need

The other day I noticed my bike in the back yard. No big deal except I had asked G to put it in the garage more than once and my brand new bike had rust on it. RUST.

G went to the store and bought special rust stuff but I was far too miffed that 1. My brand new bike had rust on it. 2. He expected me to fix my bike. 3. That my poor bike was in such a state.

So yesterday I googled and was quite shocked to hear that tin foil and wd-40 would remove rust. I took it as one of those home remedies thing but figured what the hell?

By the way, I am totally pinning this shit because it worked and it was cheap.

Yep, I did that all by my self. Rawr.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Tomorrow my other half has his birthday. We will celebrate with breakfast in bed and letting him sleep in. 

We love you old man!