Monday, October 29, 2012

New Chapter, New Blog.

Questions people usually ask.
  • Yes, we have six children
  • Yes, we know how babies are made
  • No, they do not all live at home
  • Girl 22, Girl 21,Girl 17, Girl 8, Girl 6 and Boy almost 3
  • Yes, that is a HUGE age gap.
  • Yes, they are ALL mine.
  • No, we did not keep trying until we got a boy. We said we would stop when they got ugly but they kept getting cuter so we figured we better stop.
This blog will be written by two parents... a Mom and a Dad who parent on the sarcastic side and try our best to raise happy, healthy kids.

We are sarcastic and we are sometimes... ok a lot of times politically incorrect. We use foul language and we love to poke fun at ourselves and those around us.
What will you two blog about?
 We will blog about a lot of things. Funny shit our kids say. Food (fatties love food!) The chaos surrounding having 6 kids even if half of them are not at home. Our oldest daughters upcoming wedding. Our families. And did I mention food?

Till then!

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