Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parenting..my take

The difference between Mom and Dad in the morning:

Mom: Outfits out, socks and shoes out, hair done nicely, backpacks packed, off to school early so they have plenty of time to eat ( yes, I am lazy and let them eat their lunch and breakfast at school)

Dad: Forget the outfits Mom laid out because the girls have told him I did not set out clothes. No socks, probably no panties, homework forgotten (although he is getting better about this) and well, I am not sure he even knows what a brush is because he has no hair. Oh, and don't forget they get there just in time to scarf down breakfast.

It used to drive me crazy when I would pick them up on a day Dad got them ready and standing before me would be two little girls who looked homeless. But then they would tell me with pride that they picked out their outfits and did their hair. Did they die because they had on no socks? Or miss matched socks?Did their tummies hurt from eating their breakfast too fast? Nope. The world did not fall in and they survived.

While it still drives me crazy, I try and remember they are proud of themselves when I let them do things for themselves. I need to sit back and let them discover who they are, I was so good about that with the older girls but I think I tend to hold on tight to my babies knowing just how fast it all goes. It seems like yesterday my oldest was begging for a Barbie car and now she is getting married in a week.

I've learned a lot in my 22 years as a parent and I learn more every day. I think my favorite lesson so far was learning that splashing in puddles wont kill them or you... maybe a pair of shoes but who cares? Dirt washes off the memories last forever.

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