Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am woman.. hear me google search what I need

The other day I noticed my bike in the back yard. No big deal except I had asked G to put it in the garage more than once and my brand new bike had rust on it. RUST.

G went to the store and bought special rust stuff but I was far too miffed that 1. My brand new bike had rust on it. 2. He expected me to fix my bike. 3. That my poor bike was in such a state.

So yesterday I googled and was quite shocked to hear that tin foil and wd-40 would remove rust. I took it as one of those home remedies thing but figured what the hell?

By the way, I am totally pinning this shit because it worked and it was cheap.

Yep, I did that all by my self. Rawr.

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