Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So I slack at blogging.

I have a perfectly good excuse for not blogging lately: I just didn't want to. We had vacation time together as a family, Easter blah blah blah and because I live on the most amazing block in town lots of things like this happen:

Now shit gets serious. I have to get my house in order, and being that we are 
  1. Slobs
  2. Slobs
  3. Slobs
  4. Did nothing on vacation
  5. Slobs

Our house is bordering on Hoarderville. We did accomplish cleaning the garage which in our world is pretty amazing. We discovered that we moved shit from Iowa that was trash. That was awesome.

My goal this week is to do my room and my bathroom. If I get more than that done, I am calling it a win/win.

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