Friday, August 16, 2013

Toddler/Baby Circus Strongman Costume

I got an email asking me to reblog about this costume and seeing as people keep repining on pintrest its a good idea to have it link to the right blog.
Halloween 2011

Here is what I used to make it.
1. Flesh tone long sleeved unitard
2.Striped socks (baby legs would work too)
3. 2 squares of black felt
4. 1 rod and 2 foam balls
5. Black embroidery thread
6. Black eyeliner pencil
7. Women's small black tank top
8. 4 wash cloths (muscles!)

I measured his wrists for the bands and just cut them out of the felt and sewed onto the leotard. Simple. The tank top I slit up the middle and just stitched it. Nothing fancy. And the barbell was just put together and spray painted. The chest hair was my favorite part, I put the thread on a needle and knotted it at the end each hair was done one by one and it looked so much better that way. The muscles were hard and a wash cloth worked best rolled and shoved in the sleeve.

Halloween 2011 chest hair close up

Halloween 2012 (notice no striped leggings this time)
Everyone loved his costume he ended up with way too much candy! LOL

When he was younger we covered his wagon to look like a stage. We special ordered the lettering but I would think you can get that anywhere. It is covered in felt. People stopped us all the time asking to take pictures ;) Although, the costume would still fit this year he has his heart set on being WONDERBOY the superhero. Stay turned for that costume!

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