Friday, August 16, 2013

The chaos of 4 has kept me from blogging!

That is right.. I said 4. Not because I am having another baby but because one of my older girls came home to live. Having four in the house is insanity. She isnt used to the little ones and they are not used to what is almost like having another Mom in the house.

This summer has been fun.. and instead of listing everything I am just going to do a photo dump. Hopefully I will remember to post more often. Oh yeah, I am still fat. But I did manage to dump my soda habit (go me!) and cut down eating out almost completely. (almost)
We did the toys frozen in an ice block thing (win!)
They played Mindcraft until Mom banned it.
We went to the opening of a Whataburger.
We painted.
 We celebrated the 4th of July
We went to the park. A lot.
We went portal hacking with Dad.

And now it is time for school to start, for me to start blogging all the things we have done around here and to get back to early mornings and early bedtimes.

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