Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I saved Imaginext toys with a tooth brush and Rockin Green Laundry Soap

I am frugal. Sometimes obnoxiously frugal. Liam at the moment is in love with all things Imaginext.. cool right? Well, not when one building is over 50.00!

Recently, we were thrifting and found the Imaginext Adventures Castle
When new this thing was awesome! Ours? Not so much.

Pretty sure there is enough dust and cobwebs for a spooky village.

Well, a little cleaner, a little bowl of water, a rag and a tooth brush and this is how it ended up


And well, no befores of the Imagnext Dragon World Fortress but the same applies.. a little scrubbing and we ended up with:
Pictures by our 10 year old.

So for 4.99 and a little scrubbing our four year old has two more buildings to add to his collection. What we saved in buildings we are using to buy figures on ebay and craigslist.

All total I think we have spent about 40.00 on all of this. The rescue garage was a gift, the pirate ship 10.00 on clearance and the rest at goodwill or various other thrift stores.

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