Sunday, November 30, 2014

When friendships fail.

I feel incredibly blessed in that a majority of the friends I have, have been my friends for over 10-15 years. I have noticed in this internet world how easy it is to form a fast, and strong connection with someone. And I especially think this is true when you join a group of people who are pregnant at the same time as you are. You are pregnant together, you have babies together, you worry about walking and talking together.. and then your kids hit an age where they no longer are doing enough that you don't discover who that person really is.

And then you wake up one day 5 years down the line and realize all you had in common with this person was babies born close in age. And although you have been friends through so much you really are not the friends that you thought you were. And you are ok with it. Then you realize from Facebook posts or things they say, or do that you don't even like this person  And you are ok with it. And then you wake up one day and think.. beyond babies there is nothing so you remove them from all of your internet life and you are ok with it.

It is ok to be ok with it. I was thinking today, should I feel bad? Should I try and make amends? I always try to put everyone ahead of me and sometimes I keep toxic people far longer than I should have. And I thought, I have people in my life that have been in my life and the lives of my children since I was a child. Friends that I have chosen as family. 

I am slowly learning that it is ok to walk away. It is ok to say goodbye to people who are toxic in your life and it is ok to say goodbye to people who you do not mesh with, it is ok to say goodbye when a friendship grows apart or fails. Everyone will move on and be ok.

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