Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our temporary mail man hates me.

We have a substitute mail man right now and he actually complained to me how many packages we are getting. Uh, dude... Christmas is in two weeks?! And I do most of my shopping online. If I can find an amazing deal, with free shipping- you can bet I am not going out to the stores to shop around people. When I shop online they don't care how I am dressed, my hair can be a mess and my kids can be total nightmares and the only person they are pissing off is me. So if my new mailman for the moment is mad about the packages, he just might be in the wrong line of work. What I don't get is how they can hire someone like my friend S or our regular mailman who is awesome and then hire this dipshit. We always know when our guy is gone too because we get no mail for a day or two then BAM my mailbox is full and I have a strange mail man complaining about the packages he has to deliver to me.

In my defense most of my packages have looked like this:
(not my photo, I stole this off of tinypic)
I have had one HUGE box and one kinda big box delivered,the rest were like this. I don't even think he had to deliver the biggest one because I am pretty sure it came UPS. Sadly, my packages are coming to an end the closer we get to Christmas. My shopping is done except stuff I HAVE to go to the store for.  I wish I had more coming so this dude could tell me over and over I have too many packages. And I am totally going to whine to my regular mailman. Luckily, lazymailman told me he is just her temporarily and we will get our good mailman back soon.. pretty sure between all my packages and my sigh of relief when he said he was only temporary made me the top of his most hated list.

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