Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Childproof scissors are not hair proof

I think it has happened to most parents.. that dreaded "quiet" where you know something is up. As a parent of 6 I should know better than to think its nothing. Today I learned that childproof scissors are not hair proof. You would think I would have learned that previously in my 23 years as a Mom but nope.. I knew they would cut the hood off a hoodie, I knew that they would cut a book up in the blink of an eye.. but I had no idea they would cut huge chunks of hair off my little dudes head.

When the horrible " Look Mom I cut my hair" happens and it is a girl you can usually trim it or use clips to hide the offending cut until it grows out. No such luck today when my son cut down to the scalp in three spots. I would have let him walk around like that except well, we all know the side eye looks I would have gotten for that.
Come on, we all know it. I would totally do it to another Mom. So instead I just shaved his head. The kid has the biggest head I have ever seen. Worse than the huge ass foreheads my girls have.. this kid NEEDS hair to cover the size of his head.
So instead of looking like a Mom who does not pay attention to what her almost three year old does, he looks like a three year old who had to be de-liced or something equally as horrid. He also has cradle cap STILL so that looks super awesome.

Today I have had a parent fail and I want everyone to know that if you have been a Mom 1 month or 23 years its ok to fail sometimes. Besides when MelonHead is a teenager and tells me he wants to shave his head, I have this picture to show him that isn't a good idea. Seriously, that head is huge.

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