Sunday, November 11, 2012

This week while I flipped out my daughter was getting married, I also flipped out thinking " holy shit Christmas is in a month"
So, I got busy. But I still have a very long to do list.

  • Christmas cards arrived
  • Christmas pictures
  • Make a wreath done
  • Buy lights
  • Make stockings
  • Girls big gift done
  • Decide how to decorate the house
  • Find Christmas stuff
  • Order big girls present done
  • Figure something out for boys
  • Sell train table
  • Liam's gift done
  • Christmas Pajamas

I am hoping my cards get here by Thanksgiving. I had them made by the cardstore and they are supposed to ship by the 16th but who knows. Littles presents are all here and the big girls presents should be here this week. I am on the BALL! Lets just hope my stockings come out as I hope they will and that I can find a wreath to make in the next week or so that I really like.

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