Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updating my list..

  • Christmas cards arrived SENT
  • Christmas pictures done
  • Make a wreath done
  • Buy lights done
  • Make stockings
  • Girls big gift done
  • Decide how to decorate the house
  • Find Christmas stuff done
  • Order big girls present done
  • Figure something out for boys
  • Sell train table
  • Liam's gift done
  • Christmas Pajamas done 

     I am thrilled that most of my Christmas hoobaloo is done and it isn't even December yet. I need a few more stocking stuffers for all involved and the kids books and BAM. I am done. There are a few things I want to do before Christmas that really were not on my TO DO list but now are on their own special " I finished everything else so now I get to do fun shit" List.
    • Make decorations with the kids
    • make garland with the kids
    • Make present tags with the kids
    • Hang pictures that need to be hung

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